Retirement Income Estimator

Getting Started

When can you retire? How much retirement income can you realistically expect? The answers to these questions will depend greatly on the amount you will have saved by your retirement date. Our calculator will help you to set a savings strategy today for an achievable standard of living during retirement. You’ll need to give us some answers to a few questions about your circumstances, some which require you know dollar amounts. Estimates will work; spending a few minutes stepping through the calculator will still prove worthwhile. The calculator is particularly instructive about showing you the positive impact 401(k) deferrals have on increasing your income during retirement.

Basic Information

Date of Birth
Planned Retirement Age
Life Expectancy
Gross Compensation

Your 401(k) Plan

How much are you currently contributing into your 401(k) plan?

Currently you can contribute up to $ per year into your retirement account. If you are over 50 you can also contribute an additional catch-up contribution of up to $ per year.

% of my compensation
$ from each paycheck
$ over the course of the year
The max amount possible including catch-up contributions
I am not currently contributing
If these numbers do not look correct, please review your answers to Step 1.
Otherwise continue onto Step 3.

Social Security Benefit

Which of the following should we assume?

Our estimate of your Social Security Benefit: $(loading...)
Your estimate of your Monthly Social Security Benefit: $

Employer Contributions

Your employer may encourage you to contribute to your retirement plan by matching your 401(k) deferrals or with profit sharing contributions.

Employer Contributions

If you choose, you can enter a hypothetical employer match for our calculations.
% Match for each dollar you defer up to
% of your annual compensation.

Employee Profit Sharing

Your employer may offer a discretionary profit sharing on your plan.
For calculation purposes, what contribution amount (Annually) should we assume:
% of my Annual compensation

Other Retirement Savings

The account balance in your current retirement plan:



Projections as of your retirement date:

Retirement Savings Balance:
(all sources)
Yearly Retirement Income:
(including your Social Security)
Income Replacement Ratio:
(of your current income)

Consider changing two factors in order to increase your retirement income:

Your Retirement Starts at Age:
Your 401(k) Contributions are at:
(Loading Chart...)

Print a report

Print a report, with easy to understand charts, detailing how your choices above will affect your retirement savings in the future.