Risk Questionnaire

How should you invest your money?

Answer 10 simple questions in the following Questionnaire and we will make a recommendation—one that is well-suited for your risk temperament!

It should only take a few minutes to complete the Questionnaire, but we suggest that you take several more minutes to study the risk/return data associated with our recommendation (provided on the Results Page.) You should invest your money only in a portfolio whose risk you can tolerate for the long-term. The Results Page gives you the opportunity to "fine tune" the risk aspects of a portfolio. To help you better understand this risk/return data, Audio Help is available for each chart. When you see this icon , click it to play an audio tutorial about the active chart. Clicking on the icon again will pause the audio.

When we display the results of the Questionnaire, the Historic Volatility graph is quite important. It graphically illustrates the range of returns—positive and negative—a specific portfolio has experienced, both in the short-term and long-term. In essence it shows the risk/return potential of any given portfolio. To get the most out of this graph, we recommend you first watch two videos, "Trailing-Period Returns" and "Rolling-Period Returns", which explain how this graph is constructed and how best to interpret it. You can find these videos under the Investment Basics section of our Investment Videos located under Investment Help on the main menu, or go directly to the video page by clicking here.